motto 2 Law Enforcement is often referred to as the "Thin Blue Line" or the "Blue Line Family". Historically, the term "Thin Blue Line" has meant solidarity and a stance for all that is good and just. For these men and women working in consistently evolving conditions, this feeling of support is paramount. Often our deputies are called to locations with little details and, while back-up maybe a radio call away, the travel time in a geographical area like ours can leave an officer in questionable conditions feeling isolated as minutes tick away. The knowledge and unwavering trust that their brothers and sisters will be there is the surge of strength that is called upon in those hard times to keep the deputy calm, collected, and aware. 

When the community shows their support of the men and women of the Sheriff's Department, it is profoundly different feeling. It still has a deep and vital meaning, but it is another type of energy. This is the deputy's confidence in their commitment to the path before them. It is the gauge that tells them when to push even harder to meet the needs of the many and seek justice for those who can't speak for themselves. What you give us as the citizens of Berkeley County is what fuels us to be leaders in West Virginia's Law Enforcement community. 

Donation and Recognition

The gratitude and support of the community is expressed to the department in many ways and we deeply appreciate all you do to show your thanks. If you would like to acknowledge the efforts of a deputy, drop off food or baked items for a shift, or make a donation of goods to the office we welcome you to contact the BCSD via email at
  • Please note: Any monetary donations must be made through the Berkeley County Deputy Sheriffs' Association.

Berkeley County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

The Berkeley County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association is an organization of sworn law enforcement officers who provide assistance to numerous charitable organizations within our community. Annually, the BCDSA also conducts various fundraisers, and accepts donations, to fund our own charitable activities. A few examples of our historical activity include, two annual collegiate scholarships awarded to Berkeley County students, donations to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund (in recognition of our fallen brother – Deputy John L. Burkett, III), assisting the Child Advocacy Center, and other various civic organizations within our area. The Berkeley County DSA greatly appreciates the public’s support and recognizes the necessity to work in unison to collectively achieve our community’s goals.

Fallen officer picFallen OfficersFallen Officer

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." - Matthew 5:9

Deputy John Lewis Burkett III, Badge #130 

Killed In The Line Of Duty 

End Of Watch: January 31, 2001

28 Years Old, 1 Year Tour With BCSD