Form Center

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BCEAA General Forms

  1. BCEAA Employment Application

    Employment Application for the Berkeley County Emergency Ambulance Authority.

County Commission

  1. Agenda Request Form

    Berkeley County Agenda Request Form.


  1. Berkeley County Employment Application

    Application Form for Berkeley County, WV Employment Opportunities.

GIS and Addressing

  1. Address Request Form

    Online Request for Address Assignment (pertaining to new builds)


  1. Comp Plan Questions and Comments

    Form to send your comments or questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan.


  1. Drug Tips Submission Form

    A device for the public to submit information on illegal drug activity.

Solid Waste

  1. Litter Complaint Form (Sign-in/Account Creation is Optional and not required)

    Form for residents to inform the BCSWA of litter issues within the county.