Simply put, reuse is the continuing use of an item for its original purpose or for a new use. Reuse means to use a durable product instead of a disposable item. Reuse also means to adapt a waste item for a new use. Reuse can help reduce waste disposal and handling costs because it avoids the costs of recycling, composting or landfilling. It also conserves resources and reduces pollution. It is a preferred waste management option since it actually prevents the generation of waste in the first place. In addition, the practice doesn't result in simply moving waste from one place to another." To learn more about reuse, visit the US-EPA website.

MULCH - $15.00 / Tractor Bucket

Entsorga, West Virginia

Entsorga, West Virginia is a $19M mixed waste resource recovery facility operating on 12 acres of land next to the Grapevine Road Recycling Center. The facility is dramatically changing the way solid waste is managed in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. To learn more about the Entsorga project, visit their website.

Source Reduction

Source reduction, also known as waste prevention or pollution prevention, is the elimination of waste before it is created. It involves the design, manufacture, purchase or use of materials and products to reduce the amount or toxicity of what is thrown away. To learn more about source reduction, visit the US-EPA website.

Resource Recovery

Resource recovery  means the recovery of material or energy from solid waste. While resource recovery might have a recycling component, not all recycling is resource recovery. Generally, the processing of mixed solid waste to either (a) extract or recover resources, or (b) convert to energy, is considered  resource recovery . There is only one resource recovery operation in West Virginia and it is located in Berkeley County.  To learn more about the facility, please visit their website.