County Seal and Flag

County Seal

A project of the Berkeley County 250th Commemoration Steering Committee, the official seal of Berkeley County was dedicated in the Berkeley County Commission chambers on the 250th anniversary of the first meeting of the Court of Berkeley County on May 19, 2022. The design work was done by artist, Thea Clutter, then a student at Musselman High School.

Seal - Obverse

Obverse (Primary) 

Gold and Blue are official colors of West Virginia. Blue boundary lines upon Gray background is an inference to the County’s place between the lines during the Civil War. Two stars in the outer ring represent the two municipalities of Hedgesville and Martinsburg in the County. The yellow banner bears the date of the creation of Berkeley County. 



Seal - Reverse


Design memorializes and preserves the artistic presentation of history of the Bicentennial Celebration Seal of 1972 that was produced for the 200th birthday celebration of Berkeley County. Modifications include the addition of the words “Montani Semper Liberi” and colors of West Virginia and two stars to match Obverse side of seal.  




Bicentennial Celebration Seal (1972)

 Foreground imagery depicts pioneer/mountaineer dressed in buckskins and coonskin hat with rifle in hand, symbolic of County’s connection to earliest of settlements in what is now present-day West Virginia and standing at the ready in defense of the community (state and nation), from the 1700s (left) to the present community in 1972 (right), including symbols of the County Seat, business and industry.



County Flag 

A project of the Berkeley County 250th Commemoration Steering Committee, the County Flag was adopted by the Berkeley County Commission on December 7, 2023. Designed by Branden Pindell, then a student at James Rumsey Technical Institute, with modification by Erika Wujcik.

County Flag

Gold and Blue are official colors of West Virginia, with stars representing Berkeley County’s six magisterial districts and blue bands representing two municipalities in the County, Martinsburg and Hedgesville. Six loosely clustered stars represent the mountainous ranges of Warm Springs Ridge, and Blue Ridge Mountain, within which the County was originally bound when it was carved from Frederick County in 1772 in the Shenandoah Valley.