Alert Berkeley

emmanageiconStay Informed During Emergency Situations in Berkeley County with the Swift911 Emergency Alerting System.

With public safety being a priority concern, the Berkeley County Council and Berkeley County Homeland Security and Emergency Management have partnered with SwiftReach Networks to bring the residents and businesses of Berkeley County a product called Swift911 that sends alerts in the event of emergency situations such as hazardous weather, road closures, utility problems, evacuations and more. Alert Berkeley is capable of sending messages via a voice message to landline and cell phones, text message, email, fax and pager. Residents and businesses are encouraged to register free of charge and input their information, contact preferences, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses.

Residents and businesses can register free of charge and easily to receive alerts from Berkeley County’s Swift911 emergency notification system by one of the following ways:

1.    Establish an account on the web by going to the Swift911 portal at Swift Reach.

2.    Text SWIFT911 to 99538 from your mobile device or cell phone.

3.    Download the free Swift911 Public app on your Apple, Android or Windows mobile device.

4.    Go to Alert Berkeley on the web at Click on “Register Now” on the Swift911 Portal.

5.    Call (304) 267-5572 leave a message and someone will return your call promptly.

After submitting your information click on “Add Subscriptions”. This is where you customize and choose what type of messages you would like to receive such as road closures or weather-related events that come from the National Weather Service. It is all 100% free.

After registering you will receive emergency messages from Alert Berkeley.

Once registered you can log into both the Public App and web portal at any time to update your contact information or add/remove available list subscriptions.