Engineering and Building Permits

The Berkeley County Engineering & Building Permits Department is a review agency for the Planning Commission and operates under the authority of the Berkeley County Commission.

Duties and Responsibilities Include: 

  • Administer and enforce the Berkeley County Storm Water Management and Sediment and Erosion Control Ordinance, including review and inspection of all land disturbance projects in excess of 5,000-square-feet for compliance with the Ordinance in conjunction with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and United States Environmental Protection Agency. 
  • Provide technical expertise in proper methods of erosion and sediment control.
  • Review and inspect new projects for Storm Water Management regulation compliance. 
  • Administer and enforce applicable building codes pertaining to residential and commercial construction.
  • Provide assistance related to comprehension of code requirements to the citizenry and businesses engaged in building projects. 
  • Process Building Permit and Grading Permit applications.
  • Review and approve plans and specifications for construction.
  • Provide ongoing inspection of projects until completion and occupancy.
  • Offer guidance and helpful information on project completion. 

Building Code Advisory 

All construction within Berkeley County must meet and/or exceed the requirements of the International Residential Code (IRC) and/or The International Building Code (IBC) as adopted by the State of West Virginia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the county, as well as creating a positive environment which facilitates an efficient working relationship with the contractors and developers doing business within Berkeley County. We will promote excellence in building practices among contractors as well as preserve the quality and lasting endurance home owners deserve. We strive to provide our services to our clients in a professional, helpful and polite manner. Communication will be effective, precise and technically correct. Our team of staff will be a competent source of knowledge, education and assistance for all who live and work within Berkeley County. We are committed to providing the best service possible by way of prompt and courteous responses to the needs of those requiring the services of either department. Our commitment extends to continually expand our technical knowledge and to modify our procedures in order to best serve the building community and the citizens of Berkeley County.

Core Values

Client Focused

We are committed to providing a great customer experience by understanding that our clients are our number one priority. Everything we do begins and ends with our clients.


Taking possession and embracing accountability for seeing our client's needs through to fruition. We accept the responsibility in upholding a valued partnership with each of our clients.


We cultivate an environment that allows for both personal and professional growth. We each take responsibility to gain the required development to meet our client's needs.


Upholding our integrity and honesty in doing the right thing in everything we do.


We are committed as a service provider to the success of our clients.


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