County Commission

Council Members

Five Person Commission

  1. Jim Whitacre

    Jim Whitacre

    Commission President

  1. Eddie Gochenour

    Eddie Gochenour

    Commission Vice-President

  1. James Barnhart

    James Barnhart

    Commission Member

  1. HD Boyd

    H.D. Boyd

    Commission Member

  1. Steve Catlett

    Steve Catlett

    Commission Member

The Berkeley County Commission is comprised of five members elected to six-year terms. The County Commission is the governing body of Berkeley County. At the first session of the County Commission each year, commissioners elect a Commissioner to serve as President and a Commissioner to serve as Vice-President.

The County Commission is responsible for a wide array of county affairs, including maintaining the Courthouse and other county-owned facilities and property, including the Berkeley Senior Center, County Garage, Berkeley County Day Report Center, Berkeley County Recovery Resource Center and headquarters for Emergency Communications, Emergency Management and law enforcement division of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

Each year, the County Commission reviews and equalizes the assessments of the County as returned by the County Assessor. This review process provides citizens with the opportunity to pursue correction of errors with property evaluations to make valuations comply with the law.

Duties and Responsibilities of the County Commission include: 

  • Fund the county’s capital and operating budgets as well as other county departments and agencies. 
  • Own and maintain county property, including custody of all deeds and other papers presented for record.
  • Lay and disburse county levies based on assessed property values. 
  • Provide for general public health, safety and welfare of Berkeley County residents and visitors. 
  • Adopt various orders, ordinances and regulations as authorized by the West Virginia Legislature. 
  • Act as the Board of Review and Equalization to consider appeals of property values for assessment of property values. 
  • Act as the Board of Canvassers in review of election results and certification of the election. 
  • Appoint Fiduciary Commissioners to oversee and settle certain estates.
  • Responsible for annexations and minor boundary adjustments of municipalities 
  • They may submit an excess levy for voter approval in a regular election. Excess levies may not exceed three years in duration and voter approval for passage is 60% of all votes cast for and against.
  • Appoint members to the following County authorities, boards, commissions, public service districts and other organizations:
Berkeley County Building Commission
Berkeley County Criminal Justice Board
Berkeley County Development Authority
Berkeley County Emergency Ambulance Authority
Berkeley County Farmland Protection Board
Berkeley County Fire Service Board
Berkeley County Museum Commission
Berkeley County Planning Commission
Berkeley County Public Service Sewer District
Berkeley County Public Service Storm Water District
Berkeley County Public Service Water District
Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority
Berkeley Senior Services
Berkeley-Morgan Board of Health
Berkeley County Board of Zoning Appeals
Berkeley County Building Code Appeals Board
Berkeley County Building Permits Advisory Board
Berkeley County Central Dispatch Advisory Committee
Berkeley County Civil Service Commission
Eastern Panhandle Home Consortium
Eastern Panhandle Regional Planning & Development Council
Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority
Eastern Panhandle Regional Airport Authority
Berkeley County Historic Landmarks Commission
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks & Recreation Board
Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library Commission
Martinsburg-Berkeley County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hagerstown/Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization
Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority