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Berkeley County Community Revitalization Initiative

Rendering of proposed revitalized 750 Baltimore Street

"Shaping the Future of Berkeley County Today!"

The Berkeley County Council has a very important mission to not only maintain the vitality of Berkeley County but to also encourage development and revitalization for its future. An important part of this mission is the identification and exploitation of existing assets within Berkeley County for the benefit of all of its citizens.

As such, the Berkeley County Council would like to introduce you to 750 Baltimore Street, a location that has not only historically served the citizens of Berkeley County, but will do so again for years to come!

750 Baltimore Street was origionaly the location of the Royce Hosiery manufacturing. As explained by Mr. John McVey, The Journal "What was then called Royce Hosiery opened in Martinsburg in the mid-1960s after the company's founder, Benjamin Sirota, moved the operation here from Philadelphia. The company was founded in 1949, producing high-end hosiery for specialty shops."  Mr. McVey further explains that "Royce was the last factory to actually produce men's and women's socks in Martinsburg. Built in 1971, its last manufacturing facility was located on Baltimore Street until it ceased its manufacturing operations here in 2004, according to published reports from that time."

Current photo of old Royce Hosiery plant

Answering The Call To Action

In August 2015, the High Intensity Drug Trafficing Areas (HIDTA), rendered a report (click here) specifically examining the devastating impact of the heroin problem in Berkeley County: "In summary, the key findings of this report suggest that Berkeley County would greatly benefit from continued and developed leadership to coordinate a strategic approach to addressing the heroin problem."

Specifically, the examination revealed...
    1. The devastating impact of the heroin problem in Berkeley County, West Virginia;
    2. The deficiency in available heroin treatment options including several critical elements needed to provide the full spectrum of treatment services; and,
    3. The need to develop a comprehensive infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of an effective strategy to address the heroin problem in the county.

After carefull analysis of the report, and in cooperation with community professionals, your Berkeley County Council initiated a plan to explore viable options to provide a solution to the ever-increasing illicit drug problem in the county. This initiative has led to the revitalization of 750 Baltimore Street as a full-time dedicated drug treatment facility.

"I strongly support the Berkeley County Council's decision to create a full-scale community based drug and alcohol treatment facility in Berkeley County. Currently, our citizens suffering from drug addiction often have to go to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even as far away as Florida for treatment. Individuals without the funds to travel often do not have access to the help that they need at all. I am hopeful that this new center will provide a viable solution for people seeking to be rid of addiction once and for all!"
....Congressman Mooney


The Berkeley County Council conducted a survey of citizens. Click Here to view the results of that survey.

Thank You For Your Support

Rendering of proposed revitalized 750 Baltimore Street